Polynesian Education

Polynesian Education

Drums of Polynesia’s members will come to your school to not only present a show presentation but can also do residencies through out a suitable period of days. Custom to school schedules and black out dates. As Drums of Polynesia educational goals are to target Sunshine stated standards through the many different ways we merge our culture into the standards. Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Arts, Music, Theater, History.

The Use of Kava in Polynesian Events

Understanding exposure to the child is a must in all schools on the learning about Polynesia. Members of Drums of Polynesia have educated thousands of children with different art programs, educational institutes in the USA and Australia for many years un the education school board. And as local as Broward and Palm beach counties Florida

Polynesian Education

Ever Wonder About The Origin of the Tribal Tattoo?

Students and teachers will understand some of the following examples below:

  • Where and what is Polynesia?
  • Who are the Polynesians?
  • Understanding the people and the culture.
  • Comparing differences between America and Polynesia.
  • Experience Polynesia.
  • Reasons of the similar living ways and education.
  • Polynesians distinctive features and looks differences.

Drums of Polynesia’s methods to achieve educational goals include observation, interaction, body language, teacher observation, enthusiasm, vocal audience response. Session discussions with students. A Study guide filled with information for pre arrival classroom/performance activities, during class room/performance session activities, and after classroom/performance session activities completely achieve the goals we target on each and every subject identified and requested by school and or teachers. The vehicle to educate the kids is through Polynesian Dance, instruments, color fun and culture. With community involvement on a larger scale is common in residencies as a final finale resulting in the school LUAU of Total Polynesian educational FUN.