President’s Letter

R.J. Ropata Hemi Rewi
President & CEO
Producer / Director
Native of Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Ngati Kahungunu iwi (tribe)

I arrived at the Miami Airport from Tokyo, Japan August 1989 for 2 days. 200 U.S Dollars in my pocket, a one-way ticket from L.A to Sydney, my Taiaha & Fire Knife in hand, nowhere to stay, just a few phone numbers of friends of friends of people I had met once through my Backpacking Travels and the hope of someone letting me sleep on their floor or in their Backyard. With my hopes of Backpacking Europe for a year or two before returning to New Zealand. I had to really find work first to feed my face before I could even purchase an Air-Ticket. So again my Taiaha, Fire Knife and having my Maori and Polynesian Culture Stage Experience behind me, cleared a Pathway with many obstacles and sweat to where I am today 10 Years later.

After leaving Te Aute College in the mid 80’s and dancing my way around the world, being here in Miami for 15 years, we as People and a Culture have become my way of making my income. Drums of Polynesia Productions has developed in the Florida area and the East Coast of the Continental USA, to be one of the most well known Production companies in Polynesian Entertainment. With my background being in the Investigation field, spending 8 years as a Private Investigator here in Miami, I came to realize I did not like spending all my days watching and following people for a living (criminal and civil). I realized that we as a people have so much to offer with our Culture, appearance and mannerisms it is a package that is unique, demanded and uncommon but dreamt of. I have realized here in America, not only in business, but also in morals and in our upbringing this has been taught.

Some people go to schools or are taught their whole life to learn these things, where we as a people have these three things embedded and never ever realize it; Rich in Culture, Rich in Appearance and strong in Morals, (You know that smack in the ears Aunty or uncle would give you when you were young, for not listening and the rest) moulds us into the rich and respected people we are today. This all revolves around our Culture and Respect to our Elders that has made me able to offer to our young people Employment opportunity from the South Pacific. With a little Teaching, guidance, sweat and determination anything can be conquered as the foundation of Life has already been laid, from where we come from.

I encourage those of you interested to look at our Application and the hope that we will meet one day. Nothing comes easy in this world only to the lucky few; I hate to say I am not one of them few. I look forward to having you here in Miami.
Thanks for your interest!!

Ka Kite,
RJ Rewi

1031 N.E. 45th Street
Oakland Park, Florida 33334
PH: 954-351-5069
FAX: 954-351-5069