Have you heard of Kava? What is Kava?

Kava is a well-known Polynesian Plant across the Pacific Islands. Some call it Ava, Awa. Kava is a Plant that produces and made from the Root of the Kava Plant. Kava is a common Polynesian Drink (Beverage) that is prepared for cultural events, important social events or a locals get together in the back yard while cooking. Playing cards or just the regular guitar/ Ukulele, Sing along Jam session with family and friends.

What is Kava?

Preparation of the kava can be an important part of the final product. There are a couple of main ways to prepare kava. With the root it has to be pounded or grinded until the liquid is produced from the root. It is then added to water to give the lovely taste and look of dirt water. Lol. Also needing to have enough for the event or session a fair bit is to be pounded or grinded. You can also chew the root that will get you to your destination even quicker. Also good for the gums and teeth.

Kava BowlWhat is that destination? Drinking or chewing Kava gives you a relaxing feeling and stress free. Kava also has its health benefits. For a start stress relief relaxer is a good start but a whole other article. (Medical Benefits of Kava and side effects?) Now a days there are so many Kava Bars opening up around the Mainland of USA.

Kava RootAlso able to purchase in powder form with medical studies dos and don’ts? Marketing money behind it. Without all this intelligence and study, remember the Polynesia people have been living off the land for many thousands of years and many generations. Just like the coconut it has provided for generations. Organic growing was never heard of. Just a part of the culture, upbringing, and respect for the land and ocean. Let’s do your next Event –   Kava Style