Kids Luau Parties:

Drums of Polynesia kids Luau parties are an experience of a lifetime as our lovely hula dancer presents exciting drum dances from Tahiti teaches the birthday child and guests the graceful hula from Hawaii welcomes everyone to participate in fun activitiesand makes the day unique and special with loads of luau spirit! Surf Party , Beach Party, Moana is the way Drums of Polynesia loves to play.

Our 1 hour program will enthrall your child and guests, allowing them to enjoy authentic dances and costumes from the islands as well as dance along to soothing rhythms including a special hawaiian hula , New Zealand Maori Poi, Tahiti drums dancers, audience participation.



Face Painter – Polynesian artist creating fun and colorful tropical patterns with water based face paint
Shell Painter – Polynesian artist providing a variety of paints, glitter and markers for guests to create and design a large range of seashells. Use shells as a mini art canvas or to write messages or names.


Flip Flop Island Shack Flip Flops know for their island style. Kids create their own unique custom flip flops. The FF shack goes with the Island Theme and great activity for Kids ,and adults at any Tropical Luau event.

Gold Fish Racing A familiar activity in the islands. Fish racing. Although we have a created a twist to this using gold fish. We use to at home all the time. Great fun for all ages. Great gap filler and plenty of fun for all kids.


Hat Weaver – Our hat weaver is as talented with a palm from as most people are in the kitchen.
Coconut tree Climbing You have seen rock climbing. Now we have the ultimate Coconut tree climbing. Kids can climb to the top to this 10 ft coconut tree. With climbing handles and buzzer on the top. Sorry no coconuts. But another great activity to go with the Tropical festivities of Aloha

10 Ft Screens 10 Foot Video Screens can accommodate a wide usage. From Wi games, to music videos, Karaoke Live simulcast , Photos, collages.


Surf Board Enjoy the surf board on land that all love to TRY and catch.


Drums of Polynesia’s members will come to your school. As the companies educational goals are to target Sunshine stated standards through the many different ways we merge our culture into the standards. Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Arts, Music, Theater, History.

Students and teachers will understand some of the following examples below:

  • Where and what is Polynesia?
  • Who are the Polynesians?
  • Understanding the people and the culture.
  • Comparing differences between America and Polynesia.
  • Experience Polynesia.
  • Reasons of the similar living ways and education.
  • Polynesians distinctive features and looks differences.


Drums of Polynesia’s methods to achieve educational goals include observation, interaction, body language, teacher observation, enthusiasm, vocal audience response. Session discussions with students. Our Study guide filled with information for pre arrival classroom/performance activities, during class room/performance session activities, and after classroom/performance session activities completely achieve the goals we target on each and every subject identified and requested by school and or teachers. The vehicle to educate the kids is through Polynesian Dance ,instruments, color fun and culture.

Summer Camps- “Experience Polynesia”

Drums of Polynesia invites you and your summer camp to come and experience Polynesia with us in our Polynesian Village. You will be welcomed in Aloha fashion under the large tiki huts, beautiful foliage , waterfalls of the Polynesian Islands. Entertained and educated by the People on the Pacific. Under the thatched tiki huts , Bamboo surroundings, Polynesian ambiance , and lunch if needed. Your kids will enjoy the true experience of Polynesia. Call for early more details dates goes fast during the summer.