The Hula Dance

There is perhaps no other dance form more recognizable than the hula. Synonymous with ocean breezes and exotic locations, the flowing movement of the hula dance brings the beauty of the Polyesian Islands to life. Planning a special event? Drums of Polynesia Productions is the authority on the hula and will help bring your next special event one step closer to paradise by making the spectacular hula dance an integral part of your party.

Hula dancing originated in Hawaii and serves as a vehicle to showcase not only the artfulness of the performer, but also to tell a story or represent the power and grace of the surrounding nature. The hula or “Ha’a” originated as a ritual dance to honor the volcano goddess Pele. Laka, the keeper of the dance, is honored with prayers and leis and still referred to today in the modern Hula dance.

The hula dance is a complex art form, with each motion taking on meaning. Every movement of the hand, hip, and foot conjures up images of nature, from the swaying of the palm trees to the power of an exploding volcano. The dancers of Drums of Polynesia Productions are highly trained in not only the intricacies of modern hula, but all forms of island dancing. Our dancers hail from not only Hawaii, but Tahiti, Samoa, and New Zealand and our routine carries a depth unmatched in South Florida. Services


Whether you are planning a birthday, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, or other type of special event, bringing our world renown hula dancers to perform will make your event unforgettable. Our dancers and fire performers will astound your guests and bring an unmatchable authenticity to your island theme. There is no better accompaniment to the dancing of the islands than the food of the islands. We also offer complete event services including catering and event planning. Let our talented team of chefs and rental coordinators give your guests that ‘Aloha feeling’ by working alongside you to create an unforgettable evening. From exotic luau feasts to exciting and savory cocktails and hor d’oeuvres, From Miami to West Palm Beach, Boca Raton to Fort Lauderdale and around the world, Drums of Polynesia Productions is ready to serve you! Call (954) 351-5069.