Polynesian Ukelele and Drummers

Nothing personalizes your evening or provides the unique atmosphere that our talented musicians lend to any event. Our solo singer musician/singer, duo and trio packages provide soothing rhythms and melodious tunes as the perfect mood setting background or as a features entertainment spot for your event.

Our repertoire includes classic Hawaiian lullaby’s and South Pacific favorites from exotic destinations like Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand and a wide range of hits that made the islands famous – from Don Ho to Elvis’ rendition of the Hawaiian Wedding Song. Our ukelele players will lull you into the tropical frame of mind and send you on a sonic journey to the islands. Bring your event to life with the rhythm of the islands. Polynesian Drummers to create the magnet of your event, Polynesian Music to create the ambiance of the event, Tahitian Drummers to explode your event. The drum beat is the heart of the Islands. Experience Polynesia.