Surfboards for Rent and Surfboard Wall Art

These Polynesian island style surfboards are for rent to help make your island party more authentic looking and original in terms of tiki South Seas style island culture.

The surfboard wall art on the bottom of the page is for sale. Just contact us if you are interested in learning more.

The carved surfboard wall art is for sale. These amazingly distinct pieces are created by Polynesian artist ‘Terry’ from recycled boards. The board featured is well known surfer Tom Carroll’s surfboard. The surfboard featured is from when Tom broke his ankle at a World Champion Surf contest. The surfboard was just sitting in a corner of his shed just wasting away, So Teri asked if he could take it and redo it as wall Art. He came back with this. Legend.


We hope you appreciate his talent. Watch the video of him carving this custom surfboard art. This is distinctive Polynesian wall art. Terry is a great vocalist and musician too. Each surfboard has individual (Whakapapa) history in terms of who it belongs to and their connection. You’ll see the Drums of Polynesia logo as well.