Tiki Style New Year’s Party Planning

Enjoy a Professionally Arranged Polynesian New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to have a party in Florida, and a Polynesian theme is a great way to entertain your guests. Imagine having your guests entering your party and magically being transported to the “Grand Polynesian Palaces of Tiki” where they will enjoy authentic Tiki style beverages, food and music and experience expert performances and dances! If this sounds like the New Years Party you’d like to have – call Drums of Polynesia! While everyone else is having a boring party with silly eyeglasses, balloons and canned DJ music, you can have a unique LIVE Hawaiian luau that your friends will remember for months. You do not need to spend several weeks making all of the arrangements for a fun tiki New Year’s Eve party, because Drums of Polynesia offers several prearranged packages, or you can customize entertainment and food for your guests.

Drums of Polynesia Offers Prepackaged Event Planning

Tiki New Years Party Planner

RJ Rewi created Drums of Polynesia in order to share his unique culture with others. At your Hawaiian New Years luau / tiki party, you can choose to see professional hula dancers along with having your guests learn some of the special movements that tell stories. Island musical entertainment is also available in solo or group performances that include exotic music from New Zealand, Samoa or Tahiti or relaxing ukulele lullabies that originated in Hawaii. If you want to keep your guests on the edge of their seats, then request a performance from our well-known Polynesian drummers along with exciting fire dancing and enthralling fire knife dancers. When you want to make your New Year’s Eve party arrangements fast and easy, use prepackaged events that offer an assortment of entertainment combined with delicious foods and beverages. CALL Drums of Polynesia serving Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale and all of South Florida at (954) 351-5069 or click here to inquire about your party.

Authentic Tiiki Decorations along with Polynesian Gourmet Foods and Beverages

Not only can our event planners arrange the dynamic tiki style decor for private or corporate New Year’s Eve parties, but we also can ensure that there is authentic food that is prepared by knowledgeable caterers and is served in a sit-down or buffet format. The centerpiece of a Polynesian feast is a pig that is roasted in the ground and presented by warriors as someone blows a conch seashell. There are also delicious side dishes that add to the Hawaiian luau theme, and you can request a standard or premium open bar that includes beverages such as pina colada, mai-tai and rum punch ( based on the original drink recipes of Don the Beachcomber’s). Of course, there are also tasty fruit juices and soft drinks available. It is also possible to have guests greeted with either orchid or silk leis and served with beverages that are inside pineapples or coconuts. CALL Drums of Polynesia in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at (954) 351-5069 or click here to inquire about planning your party the ‘Polynesian Way’!